About Us

Hey, thanks for checking out our blog – we love games! – a website set up for people looking for some ideas of new games to play with their families and friends.

We’ve recently set up this blog, during a time where more and more people are having to self isolate during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a scary time – but also a time where we are being asked to spend more time inside with our families and so people are looking for ideas to keep everyone entertained.

As a family, we’ve always had a love for board games, and recently (even before all this self isolation) been playing board games quite regularly with our friends. For me personally – as a child, I have some wonderful memories of playing board games for hours and hours with my brothers and sisters and my dad. It really is some of my fondest childhood memories. And now with my own daughter, I want to provide her with these wonderful memories too.

Given we’ve recently been playing board games with our friends on a regular basis, its spiked a new interest for me. I’ve been doing lots of online research for some more games that are appropriate for both my partner and I, but also for our 9 year old to join in too.

So I’ve set up this blog as a place to share all my information, as I’m guessing that right, in particular, I’m not the only one searching for games to keep both adults and kids entertained.

This is a fairly new blog, so do hang in there as we get all our information up. Our aim is to provide high quality information, which takes time to write. However, hopefully over time, you will find this blog helpful in finding some great games to keep you all entertained for hours.

With we love games! we hope to inspire you to play more board games with your friends and family, not just during this time of isolation, but also to create fun memories with your loved ones for years to come.

And remember it’s not all about winning – rather creating fun memories!


Andy, Melissa & Myla 🙂